It's Time to Awaken The Purpose of Life

This course invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, inner balance, and spiritual awakening through the ancient practice of Kundalini Yoga.

  • You will learn and experience the powerful techniques and teachings of Kundalini Yoga, a practice that combines dynamic physical exercises, breathwork, meditation, and mantra chanting. Kundalini Yoga aims to awaken the dormant energy within you, known as Kundalini, and guide it through the energy centers or chakras in your body, resulting in increased vitality, clarity, and a deep sense of connection to your true self.

  • You will start with gentle warm-up exercises to prepare your body and mind for the deeper work ahead. As the course progresses, you will dive into various kriyas (specific sequences of postures and movements) that target different aspects of your being, such as strengthening the nervous system, balancing the glandular system, and expanding your consciousness, releasing limiting patterns to gain more wisdom out of life.

  • You will also explore the power of breathwork, known as pranayama, which helps to regulate your energy and calm the mind. Through specific breathing techniques, you will learn to harness and direct your life force energy, enabling you to experience a heightened state of awareness and inner peace. Which helps increase your senses, develop sharper focus, improve your memory.

  • Meditation will be an integral part of this course, allowing you to cultivate mindfulness, focus, and a deeper connection to your spiritual essence. You will explore various meditation techniques, including mantra meditation, visualization, and silent meditation, all designed to quiet the mind, awaken your intuition, and expand your consciousness.

  • You will have developed a strong foundation introducing you to Kundalini Yoga and will be equipped with a comprehensive routine that you can continue to practice independently. You will have gained tools to manage stress, enhance your physical and mental well-being, and tap into your inner wisdom and potential.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. Preparing for Routine

    3. Warm Up the Breath

    4. Prana and Consciousness

    5. Awareness Practice

    6. Your Sailboat

    7. Higher Self Meditation

    8. Salutation

    9. Breath is Spirit

    1. Warm Up the Koshas

    2. Preparation for Complete Breath

    3. Warm Up the Body

    4. Bandhas and Mudras

    5. Session 1

    6. Fulfillment Meditation

    7. Prana and Nadi

    8. Session 3

    9. Session 4

    10. Removing The Dark Forces

    11. Session 5

    12. Mastering Meditation

    13. Session 6

    14. Session 7

    15. Session 8

    16. Spiritual Clarity Review

    17. Breath to Bliss

    18. Kundalini Energizer

    19. Somatic Recalibration

    20. Biology of Kundalini

    21. Kundalini Tantra

    22. Samadhi Manual

    23. The Mucus Diet

    24. Kundalini

About this course

  • $111.11
  • 33 lessons
  • 9.5 hours of video content

Are You Retti, Ready?

Life doesn't get better by chance, life gets better by change

Growth is the Inevitable

  • Rotate Routine Rituals

    We underestimate the power of our daily routine, it is our foundation, our root chakra. You become what you constantly do and think and if we don't have clarity, our judgement on what is true or false becomes misguided. This course is designed to be as flexible as you are and to start with what you can do, because that is the beginning of progress.

  • Expand Your Consciousness

    How else can you solve your problems without taking responsibility for your own awareness? You will learn it's time we witness everything before we judge it because most of the answers we seek can be right under our nose. It takes will power to face your truths in order for you to achieve any task or goal. See the love within yourself in order to make more decisions with it.

  • Connect With Spirit

    The Spirit, Source, The Most High, The Absolute Truth, etc. that is within all of us, is what is operating in all things, known and unknown, should not feel so distant for so many. There is an ironic connection to this with the questions you seek and it reflects on how we view and make decisions with ourselves in life. Your intuition is a superpower and must always be cultivated in order to help us in the most difficult situations.


Instructor Charles Moretti

The founder of Retti, Charles A. Moretti is a Yoga Teacher, Energy Healer, Starseed, Licensed Massage Therapist, Spiritual Coach, help raising the vibrations and improving order so we can all live in peace.